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June/July 2021

Dear Parents,

We are grateful that we have come to the end of term 2 of 2021, without any major issues.

Yes, we are just as concerned as you are regarding the COVID situation which could lead to lockdown. Fortunately, the DBE indicated that schools will not be closed. Our teachers are also now eligible to get the vaccine via the DBE. We have completed all the relevant information and are awaiting further instructions from the WCED as to how and when King’s School staff will be vaccinated.

The children wrote their mid-year exams and by all accounts it went off well. We had no incidents that may have affected the outcome of the exams. Teachers have arranged interviews with parents for the week of 21 June – 24 June. You would have received a relevant invitation from the class teacher. We feel it is important and necessary to keep you appraised of your child’s performance for the term.

Please be advised that the Gr 5 & 6 parent interviews have been scheduled for next term. REPORTS Gr 1 – 3 Reports are issued when parents consult the teacher. Reports are handed over to an adult who must sign for it. Reports are not sent home with the child.

All reports not collected will be left in the secretary’s office for collection. G 4 -7 Parents are to collect the reports from the school on Friday 25 June. All reports not collected by Friday will be kept in the office until collected. School will dismiss at 11:00 am on Friday 25 June and re-open on 20 July. .

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31 August 2021 on CCFM with our Principal, Mr. Neville Ontong.
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