KING’S CONNECT – March 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians, As we come to the end of another wonderful term at King’s School Goodwood, we are thrilled to share the highlights and achievements of our young learners. It has been a term of growth, laughter, and discovery, and we couldn’t be prouder of our children’s accomplishments. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Our students have excelled in their studies, demonstrating resilience and determination. From mastering a range of new tasks, coping with the new year’s academic rigour with aplomb. They’ve shown remarkable progress. Let’s celebrate their hard work and commitment to learning! We are extremely happy to report that our Gr 3’s and Gr 6’s did exceptionally well in the 2023 SYSTEMICS. Gr 3: • English. KS = 92.3% Provincial = 42.5% • Mathematics. KS = 100% Provincial = 51.6% Gr 6: • English. KS = 88.2% Provincial = 37.5% • Mathematics KS = 100% Provincial = 40.4% Conquesta Olympiad There are hundreds of schools from across the nation that participate in the Conquesta Olympiad, KS came in the top twenty nationally for the Biblical Studies discipline. Gr 6. came 1st Nationally; Gr 5 2nd Nationally; Gr 4 3rd Nationally. Well, done to our pupils and teachers for these excellent results! Creative Expressions We are happy to report that the music department under the tutelage of Mariana Hanse is growing from strength to strength. Both the choir and music – piano and guitar – pupils are doing exceptional work. The choir performed at the recent Grandparents Tea, and they were warmly applauded by all. We will be hosting a cultural event in August where all the talent will be on show. Sports and Team Spirit This year we went to the Tygerberg Track for our athletics day. The team/ house that won the athletics competition trophy was, Yellow House/ Joshua. Green House/ David won the spirit competition. We thoroughly enjoyed the interaction, the level of competition between the different houses. Sport Development The compulsory sports development program we introduced at the beginning of the year is bearing fruit. We can see the children’s energy levels are up. They are very enthusiastic about these afternoon events. Winter Sport Code Due to a greater interest in soccer than hockey, we will be doing soccer as our winter sport this year. KS has registered a U 9 and U 13 soccer team with the local school’s soccer league. Boys and girls can participate in the U 9 team. We appreciate the parental support for these sporting initiatives. Grandparents Tea It was a privilege to host our Grandparents this year. We honour those who have done so much for our children and grandchildren. Gr 5 – 7 Camp Our Gr 5 -7 pupils are going on a camp from 18 – 20 March. They will be going to the Wortelgat campsite in Stanford. This is always a highlight for our children. Parent-Teacher Consultations Let’s discuss your child’s progress and set goals for the next term. Upcoming Events South Point children’s ministry team will be presenting an exciting outreach program to the whole school on Friday, 12 April for, 18h00 – 19h30. A time of fun and games and high-tech experience with a sound message of hope and encouragement to all. The tuckshop will be open. Thank You! To our dedicated teachers, admin staff, housekeeping staff and assistant staff: your passion and commitment inspire us every day. And to our pupils: keep shining bright! We can’t wait to see what the next term holds. Wishing you all a restful break and a joyous holiday. See you next term! Warm regards, N. ONTONG PRINCIPAL Senior Primary Camp 18 – 20 March Dismissal Time 18 & 19 March will be 1pm Grades 1 – 4 End of 1st Term 20 March @ 11am 2nd Term Starts 3 April 2024 @ 08h00 South Point Christian Ministry 12 April 2024 @ 18h00

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